When legends becomes sciences…

Hi everyone,

All of you know that scientists love to kill our childhood’s dream. After revealed that reindeer can’t fly and that Santa Clause (Father Christmas for ignorant people) is a fake, they try to kill, with scientific arguments, legends. And this is a scandal!! Rise up! Take the power and… hum… sorry, I lost my mind and go away from the real subject. And the real subject is that science can give credits to legend.

The legend I am talking about is a Viking one : Sunstone. The stone which allowed viking navigator to travel on long distances, even by night. As you certainly known, Viking were great navigator from north countries (Sweden, Norway,Finland). They traveled all over the world on long distances at a time where compass wasn’t known yet in Europe. So it was very hard to travel by night without a reference to the North.

But Viking could!! Legends talk about a Sunstone, a magical stone that hold them to know where the sun was. Few weeks ago nobody could believe that a scientific explanation existed. But it is!!! Scientists discovered a mineral which properties can explain this phenomenon.

Plagioclase feldspar is the name of this mineral. Scientists proved that this particular mineral has the property to react to the polarisation of the sun. Correctly used, it allow navigators to know where the sun was, even at night.

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Special Halloween… yeah late… I know…

Hi fox,

We just passed Halloween. To this event I decided to interest myself to “ghost” company.  If you want to scare yourself alone or with your friends in Haunted House, or Hunt Ghost, there is company for that.

So your humble servant has spent long hours searching and harass companies (admittedly event companies) on the subject. Oh surprise, the majority of these companies are British. Hum hum … Is there more sprites in Britain than elsewhere in the English-speaking world? Or are British more fond of ghosts than others?

The niche for the ghost or paranormal phenomena is especially based on hunt or talk with the dead. On one side you can live paranormal experiences, trying to talk to dead people or other psychic experience. For example the Paranormal Company proposes to personalize the show.

On the other side we can find company specialized in ghost hunting with real ghost hunter. There goal is collecting all the information they can about haunted place. In US roc city paranormal they also collect people paranormal experience. All  of those fact are studing from a scientific point of view. So they say.

An other company (I’m sorry I didn’t re-find the link) proposed to stay a night in an haunted place.

You are probably asking yourself about the most famous place of magic and sorcery of US : Salem and its Witch. And like me, you will be disappointed : 1 website… http://www.wsparanormalsociety.com/

So if one day, or for the next halloween, you want a paranormal experience I give you a few links.

To visit the ghosts click on this links



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When pachyderms play polo

Today  we will interest ourselves to elephant and an original way to play polo. This news is as weird as charitable.

I sum up. The event, a elephant polo cup, takes place in Thaïland. The rules are quite similar to horse polo. All the difference is the animal you are ridding and the fact you need a mahout to rid him. In fact your just trying to hold the ball… But all of this as an honorable goal : help elephant and their mahout!!

All the funds will be used to the mahout and their elephant, paying veterinay check-up, food, mahout salary etc.

For more information click on the link below:


If you want to suscribe to this game I also link the Association website. (Yes, it exists they are a real community and moreover it is international 🙂 )


Record Cat

Take a look at that poor cat. The last week he was nominated the older two-faced cat! Aged of 12 years old, Frankenlouis  is now a celebrity. Notice that his name is close to Frankenstein. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I prefer thinking that his owner has a particular sense of humor.

Ms Stevens saved Frankenlouis from death when he was few days old. His previous owners wanted to euthanise him.  I would like to say thanks to Ms Stevens. Yes, the cat is weird but I don’t think this is a valuable reason to kill him.

What’s on ?


This blog is about some weird news or unusual news.

To begin, who is Alf? Alf, is the acronym for Alcea Life Form. Alcea is me. On this blog I will comment unusual news.

Why ? Because I am curious and weird things make me laught.

I prefer telling you the truth: I don’t think it will be possible to me to be serious. Be too serious will be boring me and probably boring you.