What’s on ?


This blog is about some weird news or unusual news.

To begin, who is Alf? Alf, is the acronym for Alcea Life Form. Alcea is me. On this blog I will comment unusual news.

Why ? Because I am curious and weird things make me laught.

I prefer telling you the truth: I don’t think it will be possible to me to be serious. Be too serious will be boring me and probably boring you.


Posted on 2011/10/03, in Various. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Hello! Your blog seems to be funny! I like this kind of information and i think we can really enjoy reading your posts! Do you find this kind of information only on Internet or you heard about it in a different way? I’m waiting for your next post!

  2. Hi.
    For the moment all informations come from internet. It is the better way for those kind of news to be known. I hope you will enjoy the other.
    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hello,

    Very nice blog !
    I am very surprising by this post ! Why do you like Alf? He look like a dog !
    May be it ‘s a god for you 🙂
    Improve this blog: you can devellop many funny things

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