Record Cat

Take a look at that poor cat. The last week he was nominated the older two-faced cat! Aged of 12 years old, Frankenlouis  is now a celebrity. Notice that his name is close to Frankenstein. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I prefer thinking that his owner has a particular sense of humor.

Ms Stevens saved Frankenlouis from death when he was few days old. His previous owners wanted to euthanise him.  I would like to say thanks to Ms Stevens. Yes, the cat is weird but I don’t think this is a valuable reason to kill him.


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  1. HI,

    What a strange creature! your blog subject is a good idea to be followed by others pps students. I’d like you post some links to this kind of video, is that possible?
    btw: how did you find Frankenlouis?

  2. Ho no! poor cat! It’s dangerous to adopt a cat when you live beside Tchernobyl!

    You can make like a “guiness blog of record” with this strange phenomena!
    and i’m agree with Laurent, some videos would be well!

    PS: there’s no article about ALF, it will be funny !^^

  3. Hi,
    I found this video on the telegraph website:

    Frankenlouis was the head news of weird news of the day when I have done my post.

  4. Strange cat 😮

    It will be interesting to know if in a world without human he could survive. If he can, and if it’s hereditary, it’s could be the first one of a new species.

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