When pachyderms play polo

Today  we will interest ourselves to elephant and an original way to play polo. This news is as weird as charitable.

I sum up. The event, a elephant polo cup, takes place in Thaïland. The rules are quite similar to horse polo. All the difference is the animal you are ridding and the fact you need a mahout to rid him. In fact your just trying to hold the ball… But all of this as an honorable goal : help elephant and their mahout!!

All the funds will be used to the mahout and their elephant, paying veterinay check-up, food, mahout salary etc.

For more information click on the link below:


If you want to suscribe to this game I also link the Association website. (Yes, it exists they are a real community and moreover it is international 🙂 )



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  1. Hi Anais,

    Unless, I’m wrong I think it’s : riding (line4) ride (line5) and you (line6).

    In any case I like the humor of your blog.

    See you soon

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