Special Halloween… yeah late… I know…

Hi fox,

We just passed Halloween. To this event I decided to interest myself to “ghost” company.  If you want to scare yourself alone or with your friends in Haunted House, or Hunt Ghost, there is company for that.

So your humble servant has spent long hours searching and harass companies (admittedly event companies) on the subject. Oh surprise, the majority of these companies are British. Hum hum … Is there more sprites in Britain than elsewhere in the English-speaking world? Or are British more fond of ghosts than others?

The niche for the ghost or paranormal phenomena is especially based on hunt or talk with the dead. On one side you can live paranormal experiences, trying to talk to dead people or other psychic experience. For example the Paranormal Company proposes to personalize the show.

On the other side we can find company specialized in ghost hunting with real ghost hunter. There goal is collecting all the information they can about haunted place. In US roc city paranormal they also collect people paranormal experience. All  of those fact are studing from a scientific point of view. So they say.

An other company (I’m sorry I didn’t re-find the link) proposed to stay a night in an haunted place.

You are probably asking yourself about the most famous place of magic and sorcery of US : Salem and its Witch. And like me, you will be disappointed : 1 website… http://www.wsparanormalsociety.com/

So if one day, or for the next halloween, you want a paranormal experience I give you a few links.

To visit the ghosts click on this links



Their hunt click here





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  1. Hello speakwithalf,
    Here is a few corrections for your post:

    L.3 I think you might put “there is companies for that”.
    L.7 Maybe you can say like this: “…Or, are the British more fond of ghosts…”.
    L.10 This is a misspelling so put “trying” instead of “tying”.
    L.13 You should say “Their goals is to collect all the informations they can about haunted places”.
    L.15 You must put “scientific” instead of “scientific”.
    L.19 You have to put “And like me” instead of “And as I”.
    L.20 A website is singular so it is “… 1 website…”.
    L.22 If you give several links so it should be plural : “… give you a few links…”.
    L.23 Like before, so : “… click on these links”.
    See you 😉

  2. I’m agree with Alexander, You cannot “tying” something 🙂

    Nevertheless, it’s an interesting article!

    Good job

  3. Wow, alexandre.fischer was in peak form last november! I noticed one more mistake that he didn’t point out. In second paragraph I think you would say “spirits” instead of “sprites”, ’cause sprites are lovely tiny pixels images. However, I must be sightless because I don’t see the difference between “scientific” and “scientific” in alxe comment. And you should probably write “there ARE companies for that” or “there is a company for that”.

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