When legends becomes sciences…

Hi everyone,

All of you know that scientists love to kill our childhood’s dream. After revealed that reindeer can’t fly and that Santa Clause (Father Christmas for ignorant people) is a fake, they try to kill, with scientific arguments, legends. And this is a scandal!! Rise up! Take the power and… hum… sorry, I lost my mind and go away from the real subject. And the real subject is that science can give credits to legend.

The legend I am talking about is a Viking one : Sunstone. The stone which allowed viking navigator to travel on long distances, even by night. As you certainly known, Viking were great navigator from north countries (Sweden, Norway,Finland). They traveled all over the world on long distances at a time where compass wasn’t known yet in Europe. So it was very hard to travel by night without a reference to the North.

But Viking could!! Legends talk about a Sunstone, a magical stone that hold them to know where the sun was. Few weeks ago nobody could believe that a scientific explanation existed. But it is!!! Scientists discovered a mineral which properties can explain this phenomenon.

Plagioclase feldspar is the name of this mineral. Scientists proved that this particular mineral has the property to react to the polarisation of the sun. Correctly used, it allow navigators to know where the sun was, even at night.

Some links for more explanation :





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  1. Interresting explanation, i’d always wondering how vikings did.
    I notice mistakes in your las sentence “it allows” is better an i think that your mineral still work so “where the sun is”.

  2. Hi!

    In your second sentence, didn’t you want to say that “reindeer can’t fly” rather than they can ? ^^


  3. Hi you,

    Your blog’s subject is original and funny. However there are some mistakes :

    – “childhood dream” it should be “childhood’s dream” or “childhood dreams”
    – “reindeer can fly” I think you would say “reindeer can not fly”

    To conclude I would say “scientific arguments” instead of “scientific proof”

    I hope it will help you 🙂

  4. Hello,

    About vikings, there is something I can tell : the famous viking helmet, with horns, has never existed : the only reference we have on it is about a decorative one, found on Scandinavia.

    Just a little mistake : it is Santa Claus, without an “e” at the end.

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